If the shop is closed today, I'll try again tomorrow.

It's a little difficult for me.

A young woman was playing a guitar while singing along in front of the fountain.

I won't leave without him.


Do you think miniskirts will come back again?

At first, Meg was homesick.

If you mention New Year in China, the image that many people will think of is a family gathered around wrapping dumplings together.

There is almost no violence in that city.

They were deep in the red and closed up shop.


Download Shtooka Recorder and get familiar with it. You will be using it to record the sentences. It's a very useful program.

She wrote a book about birds.

I've decided not to do that.


Generally, special forces are used in very specific and dangerous missions.

Stop being such dolts.

Real is probably a lot busier right now than I am.

Take her picture away from me.

You may use her library.

This is a desk.

How lucky can one guy be?

I've done all that I can do today.

I won't let King interfere.


I have to tighten these bolts.

Price was wearing a new hat.

You won't get away with it!

Do you want to tell her?

I shouldn't even care.

Drunk people are so entertaining.

Are you going to do something about that?

Don't tell me you're tired already.

Do you have my book?

Appealing to the lowest common denominator is a failproof way to get sales or votes.

This is dreadful.


I wanted to phone you, but I thought you wouldn't get it so I didn't phone you in the end.

I was offered the choice of tea or coffee.

I cannot afford the time.

Yumi went to the park to play tennis.

Nicholas is cooking eggs.

I know I've let you down.

Perhaps I'll be able to help you.


We provided the flood victims with food and clothing.

It's hard to keep up with you.

Vince is out shopping.

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I used to stay with my grandmother for a couple of weeks every summer.

Do you think he resembles his father?

I have no idea where Blaine went.

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Mann explained the problem in detail.

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Excuse me, I'd like two regular size cones - one with chocolate mint, and the other with orange sherbet, please.


Do what you will.

If he finds out, certainly he will be very angry.

We're about to go out for something to eat.

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I have to earn some money so that I can afford a computer.

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The check, please.

Are you sure you don't want me to help you do the laundry?

Who is confused?

Ernie was too stunned to speak.

Sushi is delicious.

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The teacher admonished his pupils for carelessness.

You kissed him, didn't you?

I knew you'd enjoy that.


They awarded her a gold metal for her achievement.

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What is delayed may come later.

I don't want to blame anyone.

I borrowed the notebook PC from the junior staff member.

I will penalize you if you do not observe these regulations.

Give me a clue.


The world is not a petting zoo.


I don't know if we want to do that.

I'm not the least bit worried.

Hey, where were you?

We often have fires in winter.

The boy has never been to the zoo.


You didn't tell me what she had written about this occurrence.

I'm not in the least bit happy now.

Upon seeing that, he stood up.

You must keep this plan a secret as there may be some changes yet.

Now don't pout.

Push the button.

The ice is two inches thick.

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I don't get the point.

It just sounds boring.

Good afternoon. You are our new neighbor, if I'm not mistaken?

This is the place where the battle took place.

Are you in favor of the plan or not?

For all we know, Geoff could be over thirty.

It was such a nice day.

That isn't correct.

There's not a moment to waste.

Tapirs are odd-toed ungulates.

Jeffie has lived in Boston his entire life.

I know it for sure.

Don't you feel like going to the movies?


I've already given Clifford the information.

The train left the station on time.

You're going to like him.

We want to make it affordable.

It is getting dark outside.

I share this room with my sister.

Tao said he was going to kill Brett.

Ofer seems to think that he's invincible.

See you when you get back.

What movie should we see?

Operations are already underway.


He had no difficulty in finding the place.

She removed her shirt.

Many young men tend to commit the same errors.

Running a farm is difficult.

I don't really understand how that works.

The woman goes by the name of Sue.

We're not that close.

My aunt was pleased with my success.

We have seen the best of our time.

Japan is a mighty nation.

I went to my bedroom and cried.


I heard you bought a new trombone.

She fooled me.

She lied about her age.

This cap belongs to them.

I only asked Frances to pay his bill.

Nate has been driving without a license.

This pizza has a thin crust.

Many Japanese get married in church.

You should buy yourself something to eat.

The primary aim of science is to find truth, new truth.

Karen is being serious.

Daniel thinks he's handsome.

I want to thank those who helped me.


They don't get along.

Sport has made him what he is.

It took him a long time to take in what she was saying.

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Stand up and read the book, Paula.

His husband is rich.

We have no reason to do that.


Can you change a five-dollar bill?

The new couple have gone off to Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Do you know what to write?

I didn't have to help you, but I did.

Bonnie knows the cops are everywhere.

I'm looking forward to your letter.

How come you never told me you already knew Rod?

This is the last time.

How long have you been playing pool?

Luke would be a good choice.

He's playing Tetris.


This pen belongs to me.


Gideon had better go home.

What did Don want to eat?

I know you lied to Mitchell.

I'm still in pretty good shape.

Give it a try.

No, you need not.

It was cloudy, with occasional rain.

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Don't make fun of her. She just chugged three bottles of beer.

He loves attention.

Why are we leaving?

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Bees feed on nectar.

I hope you're convinced.

Do you have any disabilities?

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They wiped out the enemy.

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I plan to stay in Boston for another three days.


Is there any mail for me today?


That Prof.'s talk is driving me up the wall.

The galactic military used wormholes to hop around the universe.

Have you and Vishal ever kissed each other?

Todd is up for a promotion.

Hurry up, and you will be in time.


Here, sit down.