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★ All photos are provided as visual references for fans interested in adding new magazines to their collections. Please do not steal or repost the contents of this site elsewhere!

☆ Since this is meant to be a reference site and most covers are distinguishable even with small, LQ photos, HQ scans will not be provided.

★ Only magazine covers are shown on this site; not the contents inside. Non-cover shoots are also not included.

☆ All photos are categorized by year but not by month.

★ Magazine covers with two or three members on the cover will be duplicated and sorted by each individual; they will not be categorized as group covers.

☆ Updates will be sporadic and inconsistent.

★ Though I’ll try my best, I can’t guarantee that the directory will ever be comprehensive or complete.

☆ If you own magazines that aren’t included here and would like to contribute, please leave a comment anywhere on this site or email me at!